The Distillery

Nestled amongst live oaks and Spanish moss, a stones throw from the beautiful Noisette Creek, sits the newly built Firefly Distillery. Located near Park Cirle in North Charleston, Firefly is just up the road from downtown Charleston, SC.

Charleston’s oldest working distillery, Firefly continues to make great spirits. From our popular original Sweet Tea Vodka (the world’s first) to our maritime influenced bourbon, Firefly has grown to include more than 25 spirits.

We're one big southern family

A genuine mix of scientists, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, comedians, and cooks, we’ve captured lightning (bugs) in a jar, and just like to have a real good time.


It’s a story that started off like any other. Two people (Jim and Scott) met through work (the wine business), became friends, and then came up with a crazy idea to go into business together, but not the wine business, their idea was a bit more spirited. And so, Firefly was born. Along with Jim’s wife Ann and Scott’s wife Trisha, the couples became pioneers for South Carolina distilling, working tirelessly on legislation to make it affordable to distill, sample and purchase bottled spirits at a distillery in South Carolina. The Distillery truly is a family affair with Ann’s son Jay MacMurphy leading the charge forward as head distiller. Jay is full of ideas, so keep an eye on him - he’s always cooking up something new in the still.

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